Strategic Security offers 24 hour Executive Protection services including EP Agents, Advance Agents, Security Drivers. Our team members are armed and have Dignitary Protection training.  Our members have provided protection in the past for Presidents, Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, High Ranking Diplomats and the Pope. 


  Strategic Security  will provide you with a armed estate manager on a full-time, part-time or seasonal basis. Services provided include  securing the perimeter of the Estate including all entry and exit points. We can also set up a top of the line high tech security camera system used by companies such as Goldman Sachs, Chase and bloomberg building to provide a extra layer of security to your estate. Our retired members have worked for the Elite Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU)  of the NYPD and have years of experience setting up security cameras systems. 


 Strategic Security  will provide you with a wide array of Event Security services for large scale events with 500+ attendees. We offer armed or non-armed security to work the event. We can also can provide Walk-through Metal Detectors, Security Wands and X-ray machines for your event. We have worked events such as Movie Premieres, Charity Events, VIP Parties and Music Festivals. Our members have Active Shooter training. 


 Strategic Security can provide you or your organization with highly trained K-9 Teams. Our K-9 handlers come with a extensive law enforcement and Military history.  


 Strategic Security offers armed and unarmed security guards who can monitor your surveillance systems, points of entry and egress and conduct periodic rounds to ensure there is no unauthorized entry to your business or property. We can also provide concierge and fire safety directors who can monitor your fire safety panel.


 Strategic Security also provides security to Schools and Houses of Worship. Strategic Security can also assist in putting together a emergency evacuation plan if such incident does occur. Our members  are trained on how to deal with Active Shooters and render aid to victims of shootings. . These individuals understand the importance of security at these locations and have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safety of all.