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 Strategic Investigations and Security also offers polygraph testing. Polygraphs can be up to 99.4 percent accurate and in some cases be used in court. Strategic has certified polygraph examiners on its team.with decades of polygraph testing experience. Our renowned examiners are the best in the country and have been featured on TV shows such as ABC news, NBC Today show etc. Our Polygraph examiners are American Polygraph Association school trained. Strategic offers polygraph testing for the following:

  • Criminal Accusations          
  • Suspected Infidelity      
  • Media       
  • Corporate & Business Matters
  • Divorce and Child Custody
  • Youth and Teen Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Internal Theft & Embezzlement
  • Employee Theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Abuse Allegations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Civil Litigation Support.
  • Relationship, Family Issues
  • Academic Matters


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Polygraph testing, also known as a lie detector test or exam, is a highly effective investigative tool traditionally only utilized by law enforcement and government agencies. However, it is now available to all individuals and private companies. Our services are used regularly throughout United States.  

Polygraph testing, is proven to have an accuracy rate of over 99.4% and is used regularly by clients of all types to ensure infidelity, finding the truth on important or critical matters, or just exposing lies within a relationship of any kind. Strategic Investigations and Security Polygraph services goal has been to provide its clients with accurate information. All polygraph examinations are conducted in a professional and personal manner. Strategic Investigations and Security Polygraph Services specializes in helping individuals and businesses find the answers to the questions that ultimately impact their functionality.

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POLYGRAPH services

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Note:  Tests Administered by Certified Forensic Polygraph Examiners with extensive experience.

Utilizing the most reliable methods in verifying truthful information, and detecting deception, we can accommodate the client’s needs throughout the United States by appointmentIn actuality, the polygraph (lie detector) should be called a “Truth Verifier” since statistics show that in the majority of instances the polygraphist discerns that the individual was truthful.

Following approved standards in the field and utilizing the latest computerized polygraph Instrument systems to conduct all our Polygraph Examinations.  We draw on this research and professional methodology to administer validated and reliable polygraph services for other Private Investigative Firms, Government Agencies, Lawyers and citizens in personal private matters.

Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate results they can rely on. Every polygraph examination is administered in a discreet and professional manner. Our Polygraph Examiners follow approved standards in the field and utilize the latest computerized polygraph systems. The aim is to determine the truth.  Careful attention must be given to every person being examined. Everyone has the right to be examined with dignity and impartiality.


Frequently Asked Questions About Polygraph Examinations


How accurate are polygraph tests?

According to the American Polygraph Association, researchers conducted 12 studies of the validity of field examinations, following 2,174 field examinations, providing an average accuracy of 99.4%. 

Are polygraphs admissible in court?

The admissibility of polygraph evidence in court is generally decided on a case-to-case basis. Rules of evidence and current case law indicate that results are not automatically excluded from certain types of cases. As polygraph technology becomes more advanced with increased accuracy, more and more judges are allowing expert testimony from examiners surrounding examination results.

What can I expect during the exam?


Polygraph Examinations generally start with a brief interview where the process is explained, the questions to be asked will be agreed, and you will be able to ask any questions necessary to put your mind at ease. Polygraph examiners are impartial third parties; they have no stake in the outcome of the exam, so you are always treated in a fair, courteous and impartial manner.

What If I am nervous will It affect the exam results?

 Generally, no. The Polygraph Examiner will do everything possible to put you at ease prior to the actual examination by answering all your questions and letting you know what to expect during the exam. A certain amount of anxiety is perfectly normal, and will not affect the outcome of the examination.  Furthermore, it is normal for an innocent person to be nervous, the Polygraph Examiner is aware of this. Nervousness does not prevent them from distinguishing between the truth and deception..

I have high blood pressure, will it look as though I am lying?

 No, while blood pressure is one of the recordings, high blood pressure does not invalidate the results of the test. If you are currently under a doctor’s care for a medical condition, be sure to tell your examiner.

Does the test hurt? Can I get an electrical shock?

 No, the test does not hurt. Also, there is no possibility of you getting an electrical shock.

It is most important that during the examination you be as comfortable as possible. The only discomfort experienced may be a slight pressure on the arm from the blood pressure cuff.


Suppose the Instruments says I am lying when I am not?

 The polygraph simply records, on the computer, certain bodily reactions to the questions you are being asked. It is up to your Polygraph Examiner to interpret the information, and provide an educated opinion as to the data’s meaning.

What If the instrument malfunctions?

 When anything occurs that could affect a test, it would be obvious to the Polygraph Examiner and they would stop the examination. The Polygraph Examiner routinely checks all their instruments to verify that they are in proper functioning order.

How long does test take?

Most examinations require at least two hours. Some may be longer or shorter, depending upon the issues involved.

Is there a cancellation fee If I cancel the test?

 Yes.  There is a $200 cancellation fee for tests cancelled after booking in an appointment.  The entire cost of the test is forfeited if the test is cancelled with less than 24 hour notice.  Similarly, there are no refunds if the test is missed.  Please be confident you are going to attend the test if you decide to schedule one.

What does A polygraph consist of?

A Polygraph Examination (lie detector test) consists of three separate and distinct phases:

The “Pre-Test” interview, the “In-Test” phase and the “Post-Test” interview.

PRE-TEST INTERVIEW – During the pre-test interview, the Polygraphist (Polygraph Examiner) will explain your legal rights and the voluntary nature of the examination. Also discussed is your medical, physical, and psychological background as well as your knowledge of the investigation and an explanation on how the instrument works.

IN-TEST PHASE – At this point the Polygraph Examiner (Polygraphist) will review all the pertinent test questions with you and then conduct a “Demonstration Test” to help them assess your suitability for additional tests. Several tests will then be conducted which will include the reviewed questions.  There will be no surprise questions on any tests. The Polygraph Examiner will then analyze the results of each test to arrive at an opinion.

POST-TEST INTERVIEW – During the post-test interview, The Polygraph Examiner will discuss the results of the “In-Test” and provide you with their opinion.

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