Strategic Investigations can help you with your Infidelity case. We have extensive experience in this field and  we have a network of undercover operatives throughout the country. We use state of the art video and camera equipment along with drones, hidden cameras and fully equipped surveillance vehicles  to help you uncover the truth.

Our infidelity private investigators will provide you with video and still photos along with professional reports detailing the events that transpired during the investigation. If you need evidence for a court case, we can help you make a case for your partner being unfaithful.


Strategic Investigations also conducts Social Media Reviews. This is a great tool to use to uncover the truth because everything a person does online leaves a digital trail that cant always be covered up. We will search thousands of websites such as social media platforms and online dating Sites to give you a idea of what your significant other is really doing online. We can easily uncover dating profiles active and non-active. We can also uncover forgotten accounts they may have used in the past. We may be able to discover incriminating videos and pictures of your significant other that normal search engines are not able to find.